About Air Ellora Aviation

Air Ellora aviation which is a venture of Walmik Kendre group is a company based out of Marathwada soil. The company understands the need of afforestation and reforestation in the area more than anyone else. So Mr Walmik Kendre, Director Air Ellora Aviation Pvt Ltd contacted a botanist in Delhi Ms Chetna Nangia who has done lot of research on seed bombing with helicpoters. This technology is being used in various parts of the world but no one has used it in India till now. The success rate of seed bombs when dropped from helicopters is about 35 to 48 percent. The seed bombing is done in areas which is not easily accessable or impossible to access for human sowing. Thus helicopters are the best possible machine to do the job. The same has been tried by drones too but because of no downwash and lack of accuracy it has not been successful.

Air Ellora did it with a Robinson 44 helicopter which is most suited for the job. Capt Jitender Harjai who is a very senior pilot and has highest hours on Robinson 44 along with his crew executed the flying operation effectively and safely. Air Ellora intends to do various other operarions towards reforestation and afforestation such as seed bombing, medicinal spraying to save forests from several harmful insects and diseases. Since all these areas are inaccessible, Air Ellora will utilize helicopter for all oeprations. All such operations cannot be successfully executed unless local population and administration join hands. Air Ellora got full support from local administration and Army Eco-Battalion to successfully execute seed bombing.

MR Walmik Kendre, Director Air Ellora was asked about his future plans and he replied, Although Air Ellora is from Maharasthra but we urge all other state governments to resort to best and latest technique. We request all state governments to give Air Ellora an opportunity to prove that our technique is most scientific and best. Best botanist, pilots and team makes us the most effective and in fact only team in India to do the job.


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Selecting the right aircraft for your trip is extremely important as one aircraft or helicopter is not suitable for all the mission requirements that you may have. No two aircraft’s types are same, every aircraft has different performance, seating capacity, range, speed, runway and helipad requirement.